Dr Sarah Dalesman


June 2016             HEA Fellow          Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, Aberystwyth University.
2003-2007           PhD                        University of Plymouth. Anti-predator behaviour in the freshwater gastropod Lymnaea stagnalis.
2002-2003           MRes                     University of Aberdeen. MRes (Distinction) in Marine and Fisheries Science.
1995-1999           BSc                         University of Edinburgh. BScHons (1st) Zoology

Positions Held
Jan 2014 – Current             Lecturer in Freshwater Biology    IBERS, Aberystwyth University, U.K.
Sept 2012 – Jan 2014          Postdoctoral Research Fellow        Biosciences, University of Exeter. U.K.
Sep 2008 – Sep 2012          Postdoctoral Research Fellow        Hotchkiss Brain Institute, University of Calgary. Canada
June 2007 – Aug 2008       Administration Assistant                  Education department, University of Plymouth. U.K.
Sep 2003- June 2007          Ph.D.                                                      MBERC, University of Plymouth. U.K.

Teaching Responsibilities
Deputy co-ordinator            C164 Marine and Freshwater Biology scheme (~100 students)
Supervisor:                            C109 MBiol Marine and Freshwater Biology, 1-2 students p.a.
Supervisor:                            BR32330 Honours Dissertation (research project) 30 credits level 3, 10 students pa.
Co-ordinator:                       BR22020 Freshwater Biology (30 lectures; 6 laboratory classes) 20 credits level 2, 70 students pa
Co-ordinator:                       BR32910 Freshwater Biology Field Course (week long)10 credits level 3, 35 students pa.
Lecturer:                               BR31510 Behavioural Neurobiology  (6 lectures and 1 lab classes) 10 credits level 3, 95 students pa.
Lecturer:                                BR34210 Threats to Natural Ecosystems (7 lectures and 1 workshop) 10 credits level 3, 65 students pa
Tutor:                                     BR12210 Molecular Lab Skills (12 tutorials). 10 credits level 1, 10 students pa.
Tutor:                                    BR12410 Study and Communication Skills (12 tutorials) 10 credits level 1, 10 students pa.

PhD supervision:
2014-Current        T. Shepherd-Waring            IBERS   Developmental effects on plasticity and consistency in behaviour.

Masters supervision:
2016-Current       P. Stevenson         Impact of acid remediation on invertebrate communities. Aberystwyth University.
2014-2015            A. Doherty            Early life lessons in antipredator behaviour. Aberystwyth University.
2013-2014            M. Jackson           Developmental toxicity of beta-blockers in embryonic Lymnaea stagnalis. University of Exeter.

Academic Administration
2016-Current       External Examiner University of Chester, undergraduate level.
2015-Current       IBERS National Student Survey representative
2014-Current       Deputy degree scheme coordinator for Marine and Freshwater Biology (C164)

Editorial Responsibilities
2014-current:       Editor Animal Behaviour.
2012-2014:            Consulting editor, Animal Behaviour.

07/15-06/16         University Research Fund, Aberystwyth University
09/12-08/15         Leverhulme Trust Early Career Fellowship, University of Exeter initially, moved to Aberystwyth University (01/01/14).
Research area: The causes and consequences of variation in cognitive ability among natural populations.
Funding: The Leverhulme Trust.
10/08-08/12         AIHS Postgraduate Fellowship, University of Calgary.
Research area: The effects of environmental stress on learning and memory in the freshwater gastropod, Lymnaea stagnalis.
Funding: Alberta Heritage Foundation for Medical Research       Fellowship from Alberta Innovates – Health Solutions.

Small Grants
ASAB summer studentship (2013)
Joy Welch Foundation summer internship (2017)


Peer reviewed papers

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 Book chapter
Lukowiak, K. & Dalesman, S. (2013) Operant Conditioning of Respiration in Lymnaea: The Environmental Context. In: Eds Menzel, R. & Benjamin, P. Invertebrate Learning and Memory. Elsevier B.V.